Thanks to:

The Rainhost team for all the help in making this website.

Everyone in the Shearbridge Green Halls (except you know which guys) for all the good times that we had together.

My Professors and my supervisor in Bradford University - not to forget of course our lovely secretary of the Department Kirsty.

Thanks to: Stath(Polo), Nick(Stilo), Lef(Vavavooom), Nick(Overkill), Kyriako (Vodafone), Christo (Heavy Metal), Kosta (Ascona), Maria(kisses) and friends, Eleni (Mykonos), Tax (Pou se re Tax) and lovely sisters, Kosta K. (Shakedown - At night), Kosta M., Tania, Kev, Virginia (TE LO JURO POR SNOOPY) and more.....