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The links below can only interest those who like ItaloDisco and other 80's stuff. The Webpages below offer Italo Disco mp3 for free.

http://www.disco-80.prv.pl: Extra super nice webpage to log on. You will find at least 20 Italo-80s songs to download. Check out for monthly updates and videos.
http://www.tricky1.net: In this webpage you will find at least 10 Italo-80s songs to download. It's well worth the visit...
http://www.retrodisco.cjb.net: Nice webpage to download music and videos.
http://members.rott.chello.nl/rvasen: In this incredible Webpage you can download at least 10 videos; U can also watch a lot of Italo 70s and 80s videos (Scotch, Den Harrow, Radiorama, Alphaville, CC Catch, Fancy, Koto, Sandra, Gazebo, Baltimora, Savage!!! etc).
http://www.twelve-inch-classics.tk: 80s and 90s songs are available in this webpage.
http://www.vantage80.cjb.net: Felicidades Retrodisco. Some nice tunes for your collection.
http://www.ciudad90.com: Really nice Webpage for downloading. You can download lots of music and videos from the 80s and the early 90s. Updated frequently...
http://linaresdj.webcindario.com: More music for your collection. Check this out cause you can download some really nice tunes.
http://www.superdisco80.com: Check this webpage cause u can download songs and mixes.

http://ciberinteractive.cjb.net: Songs and mixes for your collection.
http://www.italo.top.pl: One of the best Italo Disco pages. There is a search engine so as to search over 400 Italo Disco web sites. You can also direct download lots of nice mp3. Click on the picture to visit this Webpage and find the music directory on the left.
This is a Russian Webpage where you will find some nice Italo Disco mp3 from artists like Den Harrow, David Lyme and Max-Him. Check out the available ftp servers...


A really nice Polish Italo Webpage offering about 20 Italo mp3 for downloading. Don't miss the opportunity visiting this Webpage cause the songs are very cool.
http://capishe.topcities.com: Nice webpage where you can download around 10 Italo Disco songs. Check it out.
http://www.discovideos.com/customer/home.php?cat=62: U can download some really nice videos from this webpage.

http://www.kikedj.cjb.net/: Many songs are available for downloading in this webpage which is updated regurarly. To download songs in .ogg format (some not good in quality) just click on "Descargas" on the entry screen.
I was doing a search in Copernic 2001 and i came to this Website that has been updated recently. You will find at least 50 Italo mp3 but unfortunately the bitrates are too high. Anyway....
http://www.eurobeat2000.com/doc/frame1.htm: This Italo Webpage is up since 2000 and currently offers around 15 Eurodisco mp3 (some of which are Italo) for downloading. Paradise of Eurobeat is often updated so go there and listen some great songs.

Frankie's Dance

Disco classics

http://www.dance-classics.com/: Frankie's Page is about D.I.S.C.O/D.A.N.C.E Classics and currently offers around 20 mp3 for downloading. These mp3 are from the 70s and the 80s and unfortunately some of them are not very popular.
http://www.mirek.egate.pl: Though there are some problems with this website, you can download around 20 Italo songs that simply rule. Enjoy...
http://www.djferry.com: This Webpage has not been updated recently and most of the links don't work. Despite this fact you can download some mp3 some of which are really good.
http://eurohits.8m.com: You can download some Italo Disco songs. The files are splitted and you must download the exe file on top of the page to join them.
http://home.tiscali.nl/italowebdancer/index2.htm: In this incredible Webpage you will not find mp3 to download but there is a big variety of Italo videos to watch (Scotch, Radiorama, Den Harrow, Alphaville, CC Catch, Fancy, Koto, Sandra, Gazebo, Baltimora, Savage!!! etc).
http://www.danceanddisco.com: In this incredible Webpage you will not find mp3 to download but there is a big variety of Italo videos to watch (Scotch, Radiorama, Den Harrow, Alphaville, CC Catch, Fancy, Koto, Sandra, Gazebo, Baltimora, Savage!!! etc).
http://www.italo.freeserve.co.uk/: There some really nice songs to download in this webpage.
http://www.ishkur.com: You will find some really nice Italo Disco music in this webpage to download. Don't miss to download a song from Digital Emotion...
http://retroclasicweb2.tripod.com: In this webpage you will find some really nice tunes and videos to download. Click on Mis Temas on the menu.
http://disco.ircenter.ru: You will find the highly informative Italo disco collection series in this webpage. Click the banner to visit....
http://estilodance.webcindario.com: There are 10 or more songs in the download section, though these are links to the Megaupload utility.
http://es.geocities.com/euromania_777: U can find some nice Italo Disco songs in the download section.
http://soloitalo.webcindario.com/index.html: Lots of songs to download in this webpage through the mytempdir.com service.

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