In this section i will try to present most of the file sharing programs that are free to download. Napster was the first to appear and gained much success despite the primitive capabilities it had. Audiogalaxy was another file sharing program which can only be accessed in a subscription base. At the time speaking, file sharing programs are much more upgraded and easy to use. Check the list below and click on any banner to go to the download page.


KaZaA is probably the most popular of the file sharing programs with an average of 3 million users online and you can find almost everything (mp3, video files, progs etc).KaZaALITE is a version of KaZaA that uses the same network but does not pop up advertisements.

Grokster uses the same network and has similar interface as KaZaA. Concequently, you receive the same results with KaZaA when searching for a file. It supports, like KaZaA, multiple sourse downloading which is valuable and has the ability of resuming that is very helpful indeed.

iMesh is another peer-to-peer downloading utility. Supports multiple sourse downloading and resuming. Many users are registered and you can find almost everything.

Check this note before going through the other file sharing utilities.

Now, imagine being at a University that has a firewall or some listening ports have been deliberately blocked and you are unable to use the above programs.

Alternative file sharing utilities that use opennap protocols or different ports can overcome such difficulties. Check the list below along with the comments provided.

WINMX is probably the most sophisticated utility to date. You can connect to the peer-to-peer network where you can find many files to download. It supports multiple sourse downloading and resuming. To use the opennap network you must obtain a server list. Download GATOR2MX executable and follow the instructions. The opennap option has limited search capabilities, supports resuming but not multiple sourse downloading.

Gnucleus is based on the Gnutella network and works fine even if you are behind a firewall. The search results are a bit limited but you can have many hits in a popular query. Be patient for the search results to be revealed. Supports resuming, multiple source downloading. It does't require a username, password and it will do a small update when you run it for the first time. It has no ads.

Morpheus does not either require registering to use the services provided. The bad thing is that it uses your bandwidth just like Gnucleus to expand the network managment. It supports downloading from multiple sourses, resuming and like in Gnucleus the longer you wait the more results you may have in a query.

Madster was originally known as Aimster. You can find most of the files you like and the bad thing is that it doesn't support resuming, but in its website maybe there is an utility to achieve this. Another disadvantage is that you have to pay to get Madster.

Filetopia just like the other file sharing programs free and includes: A file sharing system with a search engine, instant messaging, chat, online friends list and message boards. Not many users are online but is a powerful tool for chat with web camera etc.

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