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What about me?

Just finished an MSc course (with distinction) in Telecoms and looking for a job...Anyone interested? Anyway, this section is devoted to my interests and intellectual worries. Each section presents a Telecommunication topic along with papers to download. Hope you find them interesting.

Pendeli BSC

Down below you can download an abstract of my dissertation or the complete manuscript titled: 'TCP/IP over Geostationary Satellite Links'. I used OPNET to do the simulations so i hope you find it interesting!

Click here to see an abstract of my dissertation...

or click here(350 kb) to download the rest of the paper. The OPNET files can be found here(7.8Mb). Instructions how to make them work can be found in the appendix of the dissertation.

The files are zipped so you must have Winrar (recommended) or Winzip to unzip them. You must also have Adobe Arcobat Reader to view them.


Another topic that i would like to discuss is about Antennas. When i was at the University, i used antenna software such as 4NEC2v40 and NEC_WIN_Plus-Demo to do simulations on radiation patterns, frequency, wavelength etc. You can learn more about this topic and download the software used by visiting this link.


This topic is about Digital Signal Processing. I used MATLAB to simulate the behaviour of the Finite Impulse Respone (FIR) filters such as Low-pass Filter, Rectangular window, Hanning window, Bandpass Filter. Moreover, applications of the FIR filters in biomedicine and especially the electrocardiagram concepts are presented. Click here to download the paper(175 kb) and here for the MATLAB files(157 kb) used...


The concepts of High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) are treated in the paper found in this link (520 kb). I hope you find it interesting since it is somewhat simply written without protocol details and difficult terminology.


Mobile Internet Protocol (IP) v6 is treated in the paper found here (7 Mb). Generally, Mobile IP gives solution to the problems starting when somebody disconnects his mobile device from one access network to another, for example from WCDMA coverage to a Bluetooth or WLAN coverage area. Normally he would not be able to continue communication until he configured the new system with a new IP address, the correct netmask and a new default router.


Basically, this title is general and refers to the course i had taken in the University. A coursework that i completed was about Technological Challenges of Mobile Terminals in 3G Systems and the Adaptive Filters in Communication Systems. The paper can be found here (266 kb).


Exam papers (Bradford University) in Signals in Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Networks and Protocols, Antennas: Principles and Practice, Satellite Communications, Radio Transmission and Reception, Terminal Technologies, Mobility and the Internet, Digital Communications. This Section will be valid only for a short period of time!!! - Click here to enter -


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